Shipping and live arrival guarantee
shipments can only have a live arrival guarantee if shipping to a FedEx hub in temperatures over 35° and under 85°. All shipments must have an unboxing video without an unboxing video of all four sides of the box and the unpacking live arrival guarantee is void. all packages must be picked up within one hour of available for pickup and receive unboxing video within 15 minutes of signing for the package or live arrival guarantee is void.

If you purchase an unsexed baby from us and it develops to a gender that you don't want we will happily give 75% store credit upon return of the baby. Purchaser will be responsible for all shipping cost.
 All purchases made in full may be cancelled upto 24hour prior to shipping, however any under $800 total sale with results in 50% non refundable and anything over $800 will results in 25% non refundable.

Payment plans are available on purchases of $300.00 or more. We no longer expect PayPal as a payment method. We use cash app, zelle or FB pay. Will be charged 10% more for payment plans & will be charged flat rate $50 shipping. Payment Plans are available as follows: A 25-50% non-refundable deposit will be required on all purchases unless an exception is made by management of JNC Reptiles. Purchases of $300.00-$999.99 are eligible for a 30 day payment plan with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Purchases of $1000.00 or more are eligible for a 60-90 day payment plan with 25% non-refundable deposit. Payments are to be made at least once every month, bi-weekly or weekly is preferred. Prior to enrolling in any payment plan we will require electronic acknowledgement via Facebook messenger of reading and understanding our terms and conditions of financing. All payment plans require a 50%(under $999.00) or 25% (over $1000) non-refundable down payment on the purchase. Payments are due on the account on a monthly basis. It is the consumer's knowledge they are entering in to a non-refundable payment account on a monthly basis. The due date of each account will be disclosed to the consumer via Facebook or email conversation. If a consumer defaults on a payment they will be provided notice at 3 and 5 days past due. If their account exceeds 7 days past due all money applied towards their purchase will be forfeited and JNC Reptiles will repost the specimen. JNC Reptiles reserves the right to amend this policy at any time with proper notification being sent out to all who are participating in a payment plan at the time of change. As a consumer of JNC Reptiles, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the terms of payment plans offered. I accept the terms set forth and agree to all conditions of the payment plan I am receiving from JNC Reptiles. Once a payment plan is completed and it is determined that weather is suitable for shipping, we will contact you to begin the shipping process. You will have 30 days from that date to arrange a suitable time to receive shipment. Flaking or not responding in a timely manner is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If a date cannot not be arranged due to late responses (ie. days between replies after requesting shipping address info etc.) within 30 days, the purchaser forfeits their animal and all money paid toward it. At that point we will again post the animal for sale. No exceptions.

We will ship your new animal(s) to the nearest FedEx Ship Center for pick-up (if there is a suitable location within 50 miles of your residential address.) This is to avoid the unnecessary hot/cold, bumpy truck ride and the package possibly being delivered to the wrong address. The only exception will be customers who reside outside a reasonable distance (50 miles) from the nearest FedEx Ship Center. Purchaser must be present to receive package, on predetermined delivery date, at the shipping address provided to us. Violation of this requirement automatically voids live guarantee (no exceptions). We require written confirmation of the animals arrival within 30 minutes or the Live Guarantee is VOID.