Adoption Options

Pre-order for plained litters 

Pre-order three(3) slots available per litter which is $250 deposits for a planned litters pick of the litter once the litter is born and you make a final decision on which pup you want the remaining of the deposit is due by 2 weeks of age.


We deliver anywhere within the continental United States. Delivery is $1 per miles divided  amongst all puppies being delivered at the same time. 
Example: 1500 total trip mileage 5 puppies $300 per puppy. 

Waiting List

Waiting list is free but will pick after pre-order and deposits are due by 3 weeks of age. Waiting list will receive updates as soon as litters are confirmed and may place a pre-order deposits if any spots are still available.

Want 2?

Not a problem typically  we have 2-3 litters at once. we do keep the litters primarily separated aside  from  socializing time where they learn to play with other not just their litter mates.


After pre-order and waiting lists at 4weeks of age the remaining puppies are opened to public at which time 50% deposits are required to hold any puppy until pickup by 9 weeks of age.